Hazel and Thaddeus

My name is Thaddeus, and this is my partner Hazel. We’ve been walking through life together for the last 8 years. She has shaped me drastically over the course of our time together. When hazel came to me she was two years old and had already gone through two previous owners.
If you have ever taken a dog in that has dog reactivity then you know how sensitive you become to other dogs at all times. Hazel was one of the worst cases I have ever seen she would go absolutely crazy at just the mere sight of another dog. Her nickname might be Witchy Hazel. This doesn’t mean she is a bad dog, she just has challenges to work through.
Over time I learned about dog communication through body language, stances, intensity, engagement and of course vocals. She has the gnarliest growl. We persevered and we created our own type of language through routine and engagement. Although still present hazel has learned how to make friends and I couldn’t be more proud of her growth.

Harvey the Party

Pan scene right and in comes Harvey. Re-homed at 8 weeks old this little blob of yellow putty came crashing into Hazel and I’s life. Harvey already has the basics down and has become both of our shadows. We practice every day and we look forward to sharing those practices with you!
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Harvey is learning so fast and we want to share with you what we do! Below is a list of trainings we are working on. Want to see how? Follow us for in-depth detail!

Mobile Dog Gym

In the summer of 2022 I took my pet sitting business up a notch and began running very bored dogs that lived in the desert of California. I renovated a 2006 Dodge sprinter van that had almost 500,000 miles clocked on it. Thankfully diesel engines are known for their longevity. After insulating, adding airflow control and a fresh new A/C system the Mobile Gym was ready to service the dogs of palm springs.
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Dog Training

Zoomies Dog Training is about creating communication with your best friend. Every owner is their dogs best advocate and we work on behalf of your friend. Through our trainings we build your relationship through engagement, and the best way to engage with your dog is playing! Playing is Engaging, Engaging is Communicating, and Communicating is Training. Work with us, in-person, virtual, or through our workshops; you will create a foundation of communication through our basic training tools and training structure.