The perfect way to beat the heat (and the sillies)! Our climate controlled, mobile dog gym comes directly to you to provide your best friend a safe environment to let out some energy. Under our supervision, your pup will have full use of our unique dog-powered treadmill and play area. Our team is here to get those zoomies out in a safe and fun way that’ll have your dog barking for their next session!

About Zoomies Mobile Dog Gym

After barely surviving our first summer in the desert in 2021, I knew we needed to figure out a new way of keeping my better half, Hazel, entertained and exercised through the heat (or the wind, or when there wasn’t enough time in the day to hit a hike or the dog park…)

And boy, did I find the answer! It took her a minute, but Hazel absolutely fell in love with her new morning jogs on her dog-powered treadmill. She’s so much happier now that even on days where we do get out for a walk, she still has the opportunity to run hard and get all of her zoomies out for the day on the dog treadmill.

Now we’re finally ready to share the magic of the slatmill with the other pups of Palm Springs! I can’t wait to hang out with you all in my converted, climate controlled dog van and get some much-needed fun and safe exercise!

~ Thaddeus & Hazel

New Members

We want every new friend to have a chance to get familiar with our equipment and to feel comfortable on it! Whether you’re looking for a highly reviewed dog walker Palm Springs loves, or just a better way to keep your dog happy and healthy,  we ask for a 2 session minimum to allow our new friends to feel fully comfortable with the mobile dog gym.

On your pup’s first visit they will get a chance to check out and play on our dog treadmill as well as some tasty treats and challenges! We have plenty of room and encourage owners to join the session!

The second session will help strengthen and solidify your dogs confidence and will bust those zoomies!

New friends are required to complete the necessary waiver and provide the appropriate record(s) of vaccination before using our play zone. 

Welcome Package
2 Sessions
($40 a Session)

Looks Hot! Check out our summer specials!

summer Packages

Each session lasts for 30 minutes and we highly suggest at least two sessions a week to get started.


Pay As You Go
1 Session

Zoomie Package
5 Sessions
($45 a Session)

Hottest Dog Summer
10 Sessions
($35 a Session)

If you would like a custom schedule please contact us.

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Returning Members

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