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About Zoomies

We create a space and a language that promotes engagement, listening, and decision making. We want to see your pup succeed which means making sure you succeed at home. Our force free training is focused on communicating what we want versus what we don’t want. Helping guide your dogs into making better decisions and controlling their impulses.

Zoomies Mobile Dog Gym!

What we Do & Who we are

The perfect way to beat the heat — and the sillies! Our climate controlled, mobile dog gym comes directly to you to provide your best friend the perfect environment to let out some energy. Under our expert supervision, your pup will have full use of our unique dog-powered treadmill and play area. You are encouraged to observe in our sessions, though it is not required. We’re here to get those zoomies out in a safe and fun way that’ll have your dog barking for their next session!

New Members

We want every new friend to have a chance to get familiar with our equipment and to feel comfortable on it!  We ask for a 2 session minimum to allow our new friends to feel fully comfortable.

On your pup’s first visit they will get a chance to check out and play on our treadmill as well as some tasty treats and challenges! We have plenty of room and encourage owners to join the session!

The second session will help strengthen and solidify your dogs confidence and will bust those zoomies!

New friends are required to complete the necessary waiver and provide the appropriate record(s) of vaccination before using our play zone. 

Welcome Package
2 Sessions
($40 a Session)

Looks Hot! Check out our PRices!

Packages - Summer Special

Each Session is 30 Minutes Long
You are encouraged to sit in on these sessions.
We suggest two sessions a week.


Pay As You Go
1 Session

Zoomie Package
5 Sessions
($45 a Session)

Hottest Dog Summer
10 Sessions
($35 a Session)

If you would like a custom schedule please Contact us at
(760) 507-4218 to discuss.

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